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Online data transfer from
anesthesia machine

 Wireless logging of measured values from monitor and ventilator possible without existing hospital LAN or WLAN.

through the use of iPads

The use of iPads offers the anesthetist effective support in his highly mobile work.

anesthesia process

Digital documentation of all steps from patient admission with anamnesis to the planning and execution of anesthesia and postoperative monitoring.


Photo documentation in the premedication and in the surgery room

Photographs, e.g. of doctor's letters or information sheets, as well as events during anesthesia or labels of blood preserves, are documented in the protocol.


Anesthesia case

All patient data from premedication and anesthesia are stored in an anesthesia case database. The data of former cases are available for the current treatment.


Quality assurance
by core data set

The core data set of DGAI and BDA is integrated in the current version. Anesthesia observations can be documented during the operation.

anesthesia server

A central anesthesia server stores all data from the anesthesia process and provides technical configurations of the iPads.

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anamnesis catalogue

All information about the anamnesis can be recorded in a self-definable catalogue.

Barcode mit Scanner

Scanning of
patient data

Patient data can be transferred from bar and QR codes as well as from patient labels.



Premedication and anesthesia protocols can be freely composed from predefined data containers.

Integration of
IT systems

Hospital information systems can be connected via the anesthesia server and data can be exchanged between them and the iPads via HL7.


The functions of Sandman.MD are divided into several modules, which can be implemented step by step.